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GameUIT Hackathon 2022 is a competition for college students across the nation who are passionate about creating games and applications and who are skilled programmers. It took place at the University on November 26 and 27, 2022. Ho Chi Minh City's Vietnam National University offers courses in information technology. GameUIT Hackathon this year has WATA as one of the co-organization.

WATA members joined GameUIT Hackathon as Team's Mentor

GameUIT Hackathon 2022 provides competitors with the chance to interact, learn, demonstrate their skills, and push the boundaries of their creativity after experiencing the past thrilling and exciting competition seasons. With 299 participants from more than 25 universities, colleges, training facilities, and IT industry research institutions around the nation, the GameUIT Hackathon 2022, which bears the subject "Environmental Protection," has returned with many new features. Additionally, the contest attracted the interest and support of more than 20 businesses that are now engaged in the IT industry, and it offered numerous appealing prizes with a combined cash value of up to 84 million VND.

Teams must always make efficient use of their time during the 24-hour competition in the phases of ideation, analysis, and design, creating work plans and putting them into action, testing products, and writing PR pieces for the team. contest entries. The teams also shared their products on the contest fanpage, where they encouraged lots of friends and family to "like" and "share" the content. As a result, the environment on both the fanpage and in the contest rooms was consistently energizing. lively and very interactive.

The Game UIT Hackathon 2022 drew 73 teams with 299 participants from more than 25 universities, colleges, institutes, and IT training centers in HCMC and surrounding provinces, building on the success of past seasons. close. More than 60 mentors who are professionals in game and application development from the business and former students of the Faculty of Software Engineering are particularly supportive of this year's competition.

A lot of students from all around the country come together at the GameUIT Hackathon to exchange ideas, develop new skills, and indulge their enthusiasm for game and application programming.